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Some of the cast who appeared in scenes shot last week at Wildflower Cafe in Watkins Glen include (from left) local artist and Green Grand Prix organizer Bob Gillespie, longtime local race volunteer Ray Oliver, Producer, director and writer George Boyce, Actress Tina Howe, who plays Sam, Chef William Cornelius and his son Daniel, and actress Lela Frechette, who plays Wildflower.

May 3, 2006
Filming ‘Vineyards of Death’ will continue this summer
Gwen Chamberlain, Review & Express http://www.fingerlakesmedia.com

WATKINS GLEN - Some familiar faces may be part of film history following the latest filming for “Vineyards of Death,” the motion picture produced and directed by George Boyce, formerly of Watkins Glen.

Last week Boyce gathered cast members and notable “extras” like Schuyler County Legislative Chairman Tom Gifford, SCOPED Executive Director Kelsey Jones, and Chef William Cornelius for filming at Wildflower Cafe on Franklin Street.

The scene filmed last week centers on a character named Wildflower, played by New York City actress Lela Frechette. Frechette’s character is welcoming visitors to the grand reopening of her restaurant in the scene. Tina Howe, playing the character “Sam,” was also on hand last week.

The plot revolves around the owner of Glenora winery found murdered in his vineyard. Suspicions point to his new young bride who asks a retired New York City Police Detective, played by Boyce, to help prove her innocence. The investigation takes him on a tour of the Finger Lakes and Southern Tier as he encounters another murder, a high-speed boat chase on Seneca Lake, exotic sport cars, a sailing ship and an attempt on his own life. Boyce says the company has been filming since mid-March. “We have been shooting roughly a scene a week,” he says, adding the filming is about half done. Most of the shooting that remains involves scenes in or around waterscenes best shot during the summer. He’s planning the final shooting to be done in August.

So far, filming has been done at the International Motor Racing Research Library and at Glenora Wine Cellars. “We had a very enjoyable and interesting half a day shoot at the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, and we have also shot in Corning and Montour Falls,” Boyce says. Other locations included JBS Motorsports, the Ford garage of Jim Seafuse, and Black Rock Speedway in Dundee.

Boyce, who also wrote the screenplay, announced plans for the film in early 2005, but a combination of bad weather and other issues prevented him from completing the filming he planned for last summer.

But delays in the film industry are nothing new, according to Frechette, who says, “This is the ultimate hurry up and wait industry...film is such a collaboration. First just reading the scripts, then getting a buzz going, and then getting other people on board. Sometimes it takes years,” she says.

Chef William Cornelius (have you caught his cooking show on Ch 36?) with Doug Thayer, the true owner
of the Wildflower Cafe, & Manager JoAnn Kingsley
(photo 'Sam')

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 - Watkins Glen, NY
VOD Shoots Scene at the Wildflower Cafe
What a great turnout for the VOD shoot at the Wildflower Cafe! View articles and photos by the The Odessa File.

Film Folks: Tina Howe ('Sam'), George Boyce,
Bob Swedenhjelm, Derek Lake, Terry Nardone
 & Matt Smith

Saturday, April 22, 2006 - Corning, NY
George Boyce MCs the first 'Filmmaker Frenzy,' organized by independent film producer Terry Nardone. There was a good turnout for this first-time independent film festival held in Corning, and it was thought by the filmmakers present that there is good potential for this area to host one or two expanded festivals each year. The filmmakers had a good time connecting with each other, viewing each other's work, and talking about current and upcoming projects. All in all, a very successful day.





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Wednesday, April 6, 2005 - The Observer, Dundee, NY
'Vineyards of Death' movie to be filmed in area
GLENORA - George Boyce, who is producing a feature length motion picture - Vineyards of Death - this summer in Glenora, Watkins Glen, on Seneca Lake and at other area locations, introduced some of the movie's cast members last week at Verasion's Restaurant at the Inn at Glenora. 

While the film revolves around the Finger Lakes wine industry, Boyce stresses his plans have nothing to do with this year's popular movie Sideways, which was filmed in the Napa Valley wine regions in California.

And although some in the grape growing industry might wince at the film's name, Boyce says the title is not a major issue right now. "At the moment that's what it is," he says, adding, "People need to look at the story."

Richard Nagle of Montour Falls will play the part of John Cox, son of an area winery owner, who is the first murder victim in the adult action thriller. Nagle, director at the New York State Fire Academy in Montour Falls, is also an actor who has appeared in several theater productions and four other films or televisions shows. Tina Field Howe, of Corning, will play Sam, a computer whiz and auto mechanic. And Terry Nardone of Hammondsport will also appear in the film.

Boyce says film crews will also be getting footage that can be used for three other features he's planning - The Black Hand, a sequel to Vineyards of Death; The Loomis Gang, about the outlaw gang of the 1800s; and Bass Mania, an action comedy.

Vineyards of Death will be filmed from June through August and should be edited and ready for viewing next spring, in time for the film festival season, says Boyce.

Boyce also unveiled a web page where more information about the movie's story line and cast can be found. To learn more about the film, go to www.glanara.net and look for a link to Vineyards of Death on the left side of the page.

The plot of the story  revolves around a beautiful young French woman played by Sarah DeSage; a retired New York City Police Detective, George DuBoise, played by Boyce; and the murders of area winery owners.

Boyce says one of the key scenes will be filmed at the Inn at Glenora's Veraison's Restaurant. Filming will also be done in downtown Watkins Glen and other area businesses and attractions. Boyce won't reveal the filming schedule in advance. He plans a web page that will allow people to look p where the film crews has been.

Boyce says the cast and crew will number between 20 and 30. He's still looking for housing for some cast and crew members, and says he'll work hosts into scenes of the movie when possible.

George Boyce, an actor and movie producer from Watkins Glen, is shown announcing in January his plans to film the movie "Vineyards of Death" near Seneca Lake this year. On Thursday, he introduced the cast and a Web site.                         Star-Gazette file photo




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Monday, April 4, 2005 - The Elmira Star-Gazette, Elmira, NY
Producer introduces cast of Schuyler movie
Seneca South column by JENNIFER KINGSLEY

Filming for "Vineyards of Death," a movie to be produced near Seneca Lake, will begin in June and the cast includes plenty of local talent.

The plot centers around a cast of about a dozen characters, one of whom is fashioned after Gene Pierce, Glenora's president. His character ends up dead in the vineyard, and his young wife, played by French actress Sarah Desage, becomes a suspect.

Boyce, whose role is that of retired New York City police detective George DuBoise, tries to help Desage's character prove her innocence, and he soon becomes a target himself.

Last Thursday, Boyce introduced his cast to the public during a press conference at Veraisons Restaurant at the Inn at Glenora Winery in Dundee. He also unveiled a Web site where people can keep up with the progress of the movie.

Local actors Jon Antis of Elmira and Tina Field Howe of Corning will star in the film with international actors, according to the Web site.

On Thursday, Boyce announced that Richard Nagle, the New York State Academy of Fire Science director in Montour Falls, will also have a role in the film.

Nagle has an extensive theater career, Boyce said. He played the fire chief in "Fort Apache, the Bronx," as well as Firefighter Brown in ABC's "The Quinns."

Antis used to host "The Jon Antis Show" on WHLZ 820 AM in Elmira, as well as co-host WENY TV's "Voice of the People," a weekly political discussion, Boyce said.

Boyce, who has an extensive broadcasting background, met Antis a few years ago, he said.

"As we were talking, I was thinking, here's a character I can use in a future something," Boyce said.

Boyce met Howe a few years ago at the Grand Prix Festival held each September in Watkins Glen, he said.

Howe has appeared in two locally produced films: "These Days" and "Secret of the Twin Sister," according to the Web site. She has also performed in many regional theater productions, mainly musicals, with Elmira Little Theatre, Riverfront Revelers, Angels in the Wings and Community Free Theatre in Corning and Keuka Lake Players in Hammondsport, the Web site states.

Howe designed and maintains the Web site, Boyce said.

Other stars are Lela Frechette and Jessica K. Farmer, both of New York City.

Some of the film's footage has already been shot, Boyce said. The rest will be filmed this summer, he said.

The film itself will be released in about a year, Boyce said, adding: "I'm hoping for (release) next spring. The hardest part will be the editing."

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From left, actors Dick Nagle and Tina Field Howe stand with Glenora Winery Hospitality Director John DiCinti and "Vineyards of Death" director George Boyce Thursday in Watkins Glen.

The Corning Leader photo


Monday, April 1, 2005 - The Corning Leader, Corning, NY
Watkins film cast, crew unveil new Web site

WATKINS GLEN - The mystery behind "Vineyards of Death" grew a little deeper. Cast and crew of the film met at Glenora Wine Cellars Thursday to introduce themselves and unveil the company's new Web site.

Spearheading the project is George Boyce, of Watkins Glen, who will produce, direct and act in "Vineyards of Death." He plans to use the village, Seneca Lake and Glenora Wine Cellars as the backdrop for this movie.

"As much as we can will be filmed in the area," Boyce said Thursday. "People are going to say 'That's New York? Where are the skyscrapers?'"

Other area locations he plans to use are Watkins Glen International race track, Motor Racing Library in Watkins Glen and Wings of Eagles Museum in Big Flats. Boyce, who has appeared in popular films including "Men in Black II," "Bad Company" and "Interpreter," describes "Vineyards of Death" as a mystery, comedy and action movie all wrapped into one story.

He'll start filming in July, and hopes to have post-production wrapped up by next spring. Boyce will play the film's main character, George DuBoise, a retired New York City police detective who moves to Watkins Glen. When DuBoise arrives he is asked by local police to help solve the murder of a leading citizen and winery owner who was found dead in his vineyards.

To bring his story to life, Boyce tapped the pool of local talent to star in "Vineyards of Death." Tina Field Howe, of Corning, will play the role of Sam, a "computer whiz and auto mechanic." In addition to acting in local theater productions, Howe is a freelance graphic artist and writer. She met Boyce last year through a mutual friend. In addition to acting in "Vineyards of Death" she created the film's Web site http://www.glenara.net.

"The first time I met George he sad 'You're Sam!' and I said 'No, I'm Tina," Howe said Thursday. "I had no idea he was in the movie business."

Richard Nagle, director of The New York State Fire Academy in Montour Falls, will also star in the movie. A retired New York City fireman turned actor, Nagle has appeared in a number of film and stage productions. He's excited about playing the role of John Cox, son of the murdered Glenora Winery owner, in "Vineyards of Death." It's a great project for the area," he said Thursday. "Vineyards of Death" will also feature several professional actors from New York City.

Doug Thayer, owner of the Wildflower Cafe and Crooked Rooster Brew Pub in Watkins Glen, said the movie will be good exposure for the village. In return for using the Wildflower Cafe, Boyce offered Thayer a cameo role in "Vineyards of Death." But Thayer isn't sure if he'll take up the filmmaker's offer. "I sounds kind of fun," he said Thursday. "I'm thinking about it."

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