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October 20, 2005
Well, That's Showbiz! 
George stars in Well, That's Showbiz!, selected for the NY International Independent Film and Video Festival in November. This dark comedy, filmed in Las Vegas last spring, showcases George's versatile talent in the role of a sinister ventriloquist. George said, "It will be a controversial film at the NY Film Festival."



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NYC International Independent Film & Video Festival

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Sunday, May 7, 2005
George Boyce Starring in Film Now Shooting in Vegas!
George Boyce of Watkins Glen, NY, has just completed the shooting of Well, That’s ShowBiz!, a digital video motion picture shot in Las Vegas, NV. George plays the lead part, that of a middle aged ventriloquist who has fallen on bad times and is reduced to playing kids' parties. Through a series of strange events, he mounts a comeback and becomes a leading kids' TV star with his own network show. It is a dark movie with several twists.

The film is by Leashcollar Productions Film Company and was written and directed by Regan Redding of Las Vegas. Mr. Redding praised George’s acting, saying, ”George brought a strong presence to the screen in this difficult role, actually creeping out some seasoned crew members with his portrayal. I am certain this will be a major controversial film when it reaches the film festivals this season. We are all looking forward to working again with George on future movies.”

The production crew was from Hollywood, CA, and two members of the cast were appearing in Las Vegas casino shows.

George commented, “This was a challenging part, with some difficult scenes. It was made easier by the almost instant camaraderie between the director, the crew and myself. When asked how I got there, all the way from New York, I kidded that when I got the phone call asking if I was available, I thought they were casting me as the dummy. Well from then on, I became Dummy Number One and the ventriloquist's doll Dummy Number Two. You never know when you go to a shoot with people you have not worked with before just what you may find. But everyone was great, and it ran very smoothly.”

The film was shot on location in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV, with the interior shooting being done at the Big Pictures Studio in Las Vegas, which is owned and operated by a husband and wife team - actor and director Jeff Lester (acting in The Cold Of The Night and latest directorial release The Last Real Cowboys starring Academy Award Winner Billy Bob Thornton. His wife is the fabulous singer, actress, Vegas Star and producer, Susan Anton, “The Golden Girl." George said of this dynamic duo, “They were very gracious and made everyone feel very welcome. It was a pleasure to meet them both. I had been a fan of Susan’s forever, I think. I related to her how I was once within three miles of her opening act for the Kenny Roger’s Tour but could not leave the Legislative session I was in, so never saw her in person. She gave me an autographed CD and Jeff a DVD of his movie, so it took me many years, but it was better than seeing her on stage. I hope I can work with them in the future.”

Boyce begins shooting on his own motion picture, Vineyards Of Death, this month. It is a mystery action movie with an international cast and will showcase the Finger Lakes area. 

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George (center) with Susan Anton and husband actor/director Jeff Lester at their Big Picture Studios during filming of That's ShowBiz in Las Vegas, NV.









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