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Bronze by Allen Houser, Warm Springs Chiricahua Apache

Mother and Child
by R.C. Gorham, Navajo

1899 Etta Mopope, Kiowa, son and future artist Stephen Mopope in cradleboard

Photographers' platform and big water tournament and movie action boat

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Refining Fire

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Member of The Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Washington D.C. & NY, NY

Proceeds from this film will be given to the American Indian College Fund


In development:


A Mystical Thriller

A spiritual and mystical Indigenous American thriller takes us on a ride through the canyons of New York City.


Do in part to his part Native American heritage, retired NYPD Detective George DuBoise is called back to "The City" to help solve a series of murders blamed on the Mohawk High Steel Workers, "the Indians that build the sky scrapers."


DuBoise encounters an urban legend, dating back to the settling of New Amsterdam by the Dutch Traders in the 1600s - the legend of "The Indian Witch Queen of New York." Is she real, or is there really an unseen spirit or entity at work protecting the oppressed and serving justice upon the oppressors?


DuBoise is caught up in the mystical and prejudicial events that swirl around him, from shape-shifting to the savage wars of big business and hate-mongers. The sky runs red with blood in the powerful and frightening climax high above the city.


Indigenous Native American actors and crew are being sought for this production. Nations currently represented are Mohawk, Oneida, Navajo and Zuni.


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Film Music by KNIFEWING

The magnificent music of "KnifeWing" of the Zuni Nation of New Mexico, blends traditional rhythms, instruments and singing with contemporary vocals and electronic sounds, heightening the senses to a new perception of cinema experience.


Experience KnifeWing Music Samples

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First American Heroes (:33)

Spirits in the Wind (:45)

SI-Wolo Song (:24)

Indian and the Eagle (:50)

Mother Earth (:45)

Mastincala Wacipi (:45)

On the Wings of Eagles (:35)

I Will Rise (:41)

Talk to the Children with Wayland Jennings (:60)


CD can be purchased through KnifeWing Productions, Inc.
PO Box 1265, Zuni, NM 87327-1265
(505) 782-2217
knife_S@ix.netcom.com    www.knifewing.com

Knifewing Segura



Long before Columbus' arrival, "The Six Nations of the Haudenosaunee" - the Iroquois Confederacy, was the wording that became the basis of the US Constitution. The translation of the word "Iroquois" meant "The Terrible Man," "Terrible Warriors."




"Det. DuBoise"


George has broad experience in Off Broadway performing, independent and major motion films, foreign films and documentaries, including Pressure Point, Slick, The Beloved, Moving Targets, The Alamo, The Time Machine, Men in Black 2, Bad Company, April Winter, The Waterlilly Pond, Love in Vain, Zuni, The Iraqis are Coming, The Interpreter, A&E/Biography Channel's Tolstoy, Black Mary, and upcoming VOD (of which George is also the author.


He was educated at Syracuse University and resides in Watkins Glen, NY. He is also a descendant of Mohawk/Oneida Native Americans.






Andy is well known in the Southern Finger Lakes, appearing regularly with the Lake Country Players. He also worked with Actors a la Carte for five years doing Murder Mystery Dinner Theater on the Seneca Lake Winery Circuit. He has received a great deal of acclaim in Elmira Little Theater's Radio Show Recreations where his voice manipulations have convinced listeners that he is anything from a playful child to a disturbed (and disturbing) killer.

Vineyards of Death is his second foray into Films having already worked on Claude King's These Days as an actor and the film's Second Assistant Director.





Tina has appeared in two films produced locally: These Days and Secret of the Twisted Sister. VOD is her first speaking film role.  She has performed in many regional theatre productions, mainly musicals, with Elmira Little Theatre in Elmira, NY; Riverfront Revelers and Angels in the Wings in Corning, NY; and Keuka Lake Players in Hammondsport, NY.


She has received acting and improvisational training and performing at 171 Cedar Arts Center in Corning, NY. Tina resides in Corning.

Zip and Rip have the best roles - they get to be their wonderful, Pembroke Welsh Corgi selves!

As Themselves



TBD / Executive Producer


Matt Norton / Second Unit Director of HD Video Photography

Daryl Shack / Native American Culture & Realism Technical Advisor





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