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Daryl Shack, Sr.
Zuni Nation

A special friend and featured artist

at Glenara. A creator of traditional and modern stone fetishes and wooden carvings.

Glenara has been cultivating an exciting business over the years - buying, selling and locating collectibles, antiques, Native American jewelry and basketry.


Through its connections with artists, potters, jewelers and other collectors, Glenara can help you find just the right piece, whether you wish to wear it or place it in a special location.


We also search for our clients' individual needs in antiques, specializing in things Early American.

Model railroading has also been a lifelong interest; we search the shows and private collections for your requests.


Send us your needs, whatever they may be!


Glenara will soon have a store on eBay.com


Latest Creations from the Hands and Spirit of Daryl Shack

Traditional Zuni Carving with Contemporary Twists

10" Rain Dancer Corn Maiden Kachina


A new style of carving showcasing traditional Zuni carving with a contemporary twist.  The Rain Dancer Corn Maiden is 10" tall with detailed accents throughout the entire doll.  She is wearing a raindress with wood-burned designs highlighting her attire.  She rests on a beautiful yellow corn with several other colors to give it a special glow.  Her base is carved from cottonwood and features 16 carved pueblo-style houses.  It also has Dowa Yallanne on one side of the base.  This is the first of its kind to come alive through my hands.


The Power of the Bear


Bear Fetish Necklaces


Five Pink Alabaster Bears with Pink Shells

Adjustable ties in back




Apple Coral, White Shell with Seven Bears

Adjustable ties in back






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